Primary and Referral Care

Primary and Referral Care engages early with care providers and healthcare infrastructure investors. It helps assess systemic design of the care delivery pathways and builds holistic solutions to the problems associated with the care continuum. This in turn enables care providers to decide interventions for better efficiency and outcomes.

The Objectives
Build a positive economic impact
Create sustainable healthcare systems
Boost patient outcomes
Improve clinical quality
Improve health system efficiency
Achieved through a Health Systems Approach
Appropriate medical technologies
Designing low-cost solutions, relevant to local economies
Harnessing the power of information technology to improve service delivery, administrative processes, and quality of care
Healthcare IT
Revitalizing and modernizing existing infrastructure along with local stakeholders
Human Resources for Health (HRH)
Creating robust, well-rounded healthcare workforces through capacity building and training in technical, clinical, leadership, and management domains
Generating capital solutions and new business models to ensure project viability and long-term sustainability

Improving healthcare. Impacting lives.
Everyday, we are getting closer to realizing our dream of quality healthcare for all. And our initiatives in Africa — a testament to that — have been making clinical improvements across the continent, impacting the lives of both patients and clinicians.


In Ethiopia, we partnered with USAID and DFID to bring down the country’s soaring neonatal mortality rate. In this endeavor, we installed a suite of NICU products at four different locations, provided an integrated training curriculum, and laid the foundations for an extensive M&E program.

In Tanzania on the other hand, GE Healthymagination — in partnership with Ifakara Health Institute — provided quality training to midwives and hospital staff. Now, pregnant women even in rural parts of the country have access to critical ultrasound services.

Together with Ghana’s Ministry of Health, we are introducing more handheld portable devices to make a meaningful difference to the community. These efforts are also in line with UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 3 that aims to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.

To address the lack of skilled staff and poor referral networks in Nigeria, we have introduced the Vscan Access Education Program. Designed to make antenatal screening and ultrasound scanning more accessible, this program is helping improve the competence of healthcare professionals across the country.


The Primary & Referral Care program is streamlining health services across the clinical spectrum, bringing patients closer to quality care while equipping clinicians with high-end technology at affordable prices. While the impact of the program is currently being felt by only a percentage of the African population, we believe that we are on the right path to achieving our mission of better care for all.


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