Lullaby Warmer Prime

Minimal maintenance and reduced operational cost are ideal for low-resource clinical settings. And the Lullaby Warmer Prime allows for both! Built to deliver exceptional thermoregulation while enhancing comfort, it gives you everything needed to provide outstanding neonatal care.

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Featured in the World Health Organization’s Compendium of
Innovative Medical Technologies for Low Resource Settings.

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clinical performance

Clinical performance

Engineered to deliver excellent clinical performance

  • Features a patented ‘J-profile’ for better thermal stability
  • Allows for rapid warming of cold surfaces, reducing cold stress for the baby
  • Uses safe biocompatible materials for all patient contact surfaces
  • Facilitates great patient observation with an LED lamp

Ease of use

Designed to allow operations without interruptions

  • Recessed design allows the caregiver great access to the baby
  • Removable transparent bassinet facilitates easy cleaning
  • Intuitive design and one-touch mode to switch between manual and baby modes


Built to bring down Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

  • Consumes minimal power for reduced operational cost
  • Operates without a voltage stabilizer and can withstand fluctuations of up to 390V1

1Source: Device is designed to withstand this voltage but may not give expected output outside stated operating voltage range of 230V +/- 10%.

54 faster warm


faster warm up time

Lullaby Warmer Prime
withstands voltage

Withstands voltage fluctuation of

198V to 390V

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