Lullaby Warmer

The advanced Lullaby Warmer provides a stable thermoregulated environment for better care and development for neonates. Its microprocessor technology and intelligent design allow clinicians to meet the requirements of different care areas – from newborns in labor and delivery to infants in the NICU.

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Featured in the World Health Organization’s Compendium of
Innovative Medical Technologies for Low Resource Settings.

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Clinical excellence

Intelligent design creates a consistently warm bed for babies

  • Heats at 100% for 12 minutes, and then reduces to a steady 25% to maintain ready status
  • Distributes heat from the Calrod® heater via the parabolic reflector
  • Raises an alarm if baby’s skin temperature deviates by ±1° C from the set point
cost effective

Cost efficiency

Advanced technology for high performance at an affordable price

  • Provides lifetime warranty on heater rod
  • Helps lower power consumption for lower operational cost
  • Contributes to reducing failure rates for minimized TCO

Ease of use

Clever design for improved monitoring

  • Large LED screen enables easy visualization
  • Well-positioned lights help reduce the need for extra equipment
  • Integrated X-ray tray allows imaging without having to move the infant
69faster warm


faster warm-up in 4 minutes*

lullaby warmer
60 less-power


less power consumed on start-up and


less power consumed over 24 hours


* The results are based on GE’s in-house laboratory evaluation performed in India on GE Lullaby Warmer and a locally manufactured radiant warmer using standardized methodology.

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