Lullaby Resus Prime

Designed to provide accurate pressure control, the Lullaby Resus Prime offers fast and error-free workflow, giving you the confidence to treat the baby in distress. Unlike other solutions, it operates on gas instead of electricity – an added advantage in low-resource settings.

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Featured in the World Health Organization’s Compendium of
Innovative Medical Technologies for Low Resource Settings.

Disclaimer: Not all products are for sale in all countries.

Easy to use

Easy to use

Clever engineering for easy operation

  • Mountable with dovetail rail
  • Fast and easy workflow
  • Gas driven – no dependency on power


Advanced technologies for effective care delivery

  • Accurate pressure measurement during suctioning
  • Reduced risk of infection


Robust design for improved safety

  • Limited suction pressure to avoid tissue trauma
  • Outstanding reliability with international standards

72% increase

in total antenatal care visits in Uganda.


A 4 times increase in the number of women attending

four or more ANC visits

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