Lullaby Resus Plus

Birth asphyxia is one of the leading causes of infant deaths.
The Lullaby Resus Plus – a T-piece resuscitation device with in-built safety features – is engineered to address this problem economically and effectively.

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Featured in the World Health Organization’s Compendium of
Innovative Medical Technologies for Low Resource Settings.

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clinical performance

Clinical performance

Outstanding capabilities help ensure adequate pressure delivery and oxygenation

  • Allows for precise monitoring and control of Peak Inspiratory Pressure (PIP)
  • Leverages fine adjustment of Positive End Expiratory Pressure (PEEP)
  • Deploys reliable pressure valves to vent excess PIP and limit PEEP
  • Follows ILCOR guidelines and supports their equipment recommendations

Ease of use

Easy-to-use system for better care delivery across all environments

  • Fast and easy workflow through an integrated ergonomic design with a built-in blender and flow meter
  • Single-knob control for maximum and desired PIP
  • Easy-to-understand user interface backed by an easy-to-follow Quick Reference Guide
  • Compact and lightweight with a conveniently positioned handle for easy intra-hospital transport
  • Easily mounted on the dovetail rail of the Lullaby Warmer for convenient access

Safe care delivery

Robust design with built-in safety features to help reduce the risk of harm

  • A PIP override spring to help prevent accidental increase in pressure
  • High-pressure relief valves in the rear manifold to avoid any damage to the device

Features in the World Health Organization’s Compendium of Innovative Technologies

20 more precise

20% more

precise PIP compared to self-inflating bags

Lullaby Resus Plus

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