The advanced LOGIQ V5 is an ultrasound solution that helps you maximize image quality while minimizing cost. It supports you with automated calculations, onboard clinical information, and time-saving workflow tools, helping you enhance your imaging capabilities.

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logiq v5

Real-time imaging

Delivers clear, high-quality images for greater diagnostic confidence

  • Adjusts parameters and image quality factors automatically with tools for tissue (ATO) and spectral (ASO) optimization
  • Deploys Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI), CrossXBeamTM, Tissue Harmonics, Coded Harmonics, Pulse Wave and Power Doppler, and LOGIQ View

Flexible operations

Enables fast failure diagnosis through its easy‑to‑maintain design

  • Extends on-board product training modules to help accelerate user operational confidence
  • Connects multiple probes simultaneously, reducing the need for manual probe switching
  • Provides a large viewing area with high‑resolution visibility

Easy to use

Allows for simple and easy operation for users of all experience levels

  • Scan Coach – Provides clinical reference images and animation for additional information
  • Scan Assistant – Automated exam protocols guide users through examinations and help produce structured uniform reports

72% increase

in total antenatal care visits in Uganda.


A 4 times increase in the number of women attending

four or more ANC visits

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