GE Healthcare recently launched ‘five.eight’ – the company’s first healthcare accelerator aimed at improving healthcare outcomes for the world’s developing economies.

five.eight will bring together global health startups with a vision to improve healthcare quality and accessibility in developing or low-resource settings – from education and training to disruptive, low-cost technologies, and digital applications. Through the program, GE Healthcare and each startup will focus on commercially scaling healthcare innovations for emerging economies, with the potential for GE Healthcare distribution of the startup product, or integration of the service into GE Healthcare’s Affordable Care Portfolio. In addition, potential funding of up to $5 Million per startup will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis as the collaboration between GE Healthcare and each startup evolves. The Accelerator is open to all global health startups regardless of location, and we encourage applicants to get in touch for more details.

Find the press release here

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We work with social impact investors that strive to improve access to affordable healthcare in emerging markets.

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Join us, and together, let’s make affordable healthcare a reality.

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The five.eight accelerator is designed to boost the efforts of healthcare startups that are striving to make a difference. Joining the program could help your startup reach greater heights, touch more lives, and make healthcare universally accessible.

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Tricog is one of the first startups we have signed up for the accelerator program. We welcome other startups, regardless of geographical location, to apply and grab the chance to be a part of the five.eight portfolio.

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