Low-income countries are constantly struggling to overcome operational and financial challenges to provide quality care to their people. At GE Healthcare, we believe the answer to these hurdles lies in the digital space. Moving to a digital platform can help clinicians provide quality, affordable, and patient-centric care while ensuring sustainable organizational growth.


  • By improving operational efficiency of care providers
  • By increasing awareness among patients
  • By making the entire value chain more transparent


  • To enhance patient outcomes
  • To enable improved scalability
  • To increase bottom line

Our Digital Offerings

Supported by a set of core platform capabilities, our portfolio includes:
  • Storage and collaboration solutions
  • Departmental and practice management solutions
  • Image visualization applications
  • Asset performance management
  • Operational dashboards
  • Workflow optimization
  • Clinical analytics applications
  • Education, training, and advisory services
  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics
  • GE Deep Learning Engine
  • GE Health Cloud
  • Predix.io – An industrial Cloud-based platform
  • Leverage data to produce actionable insights across the healthcare system for better clinical, financial, and operational outcomes
  • Optimize maintenance contracts and establish benchmarks for asset utilization. This could eventually lead to cost reduction and enhanced productivity
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