Tricog Health was founded in January 2015 by a team of medical experts and technologists to improve survival rates of heart attacks in India. In this endeavor, it aims to decrease the average time between symptoms and treatment. Tricog’s solution involves installing a Cloud-connected ECG machine in primary and secondary care medical centres including clinics, polyclinics, nursing homes, and hospitals. The moment a doctor takes a patient’s ECG, the information is sent to a centrally located hub where a qualified Tricog expert is available 24/7. Using advanced algorithms and data visualization, the specialist interprets the ECG data and shares the report on the mobile app, all within 5 minutes.

With the incidence of breast cancer rising worldwide, there’s an urgent need for cost-effective and point-of-care devices for early detection of breast lesions. Presenting iBreast — a handheld breast scanning solution, that can help community health workers screen for breast abnormalities in low-resource settings. This ultraportable and integrated tool demands minimal training, and can be used to screen breast pathology in women who do not have access to routine preventive healthcare or mammography. Patients with positive findings can then be referred to medical centers for further evaluation. To help care providers make informed decisions, iBreast runs on battery and provides instant results for uninterrupted care — anytime anywhere.


An intelligent mobile technology, Mobenzi is designed to empower Community Healthcare Workers (CHWs) by digitizing communication, data collection, health systems interoperability, reporting, and point-of-care decision support. Built with a decade of experience in mobile data collection and successful CHW implementations in South Africa, it allows for sophisticated, turnkey mHealth interventions.

In fact, it leverages established architectural components, frameworks, and platforms to deliver an end-to-end solution that:

  • Automates report generation and customization to enable easy monitoring of key indicators locally, regionally, or even globally — all in real time
  • Improves ability of CHWs to work offline with data synchronization, enabling uninterrupted and effective care delivery in remote areas
  • Allows for complete case management, intuitive data collection, real-time validation, and decision-support to deliver improved service levels and higher quality reporting
  • Facilitates collaboration between CHWs, supervisors, and facility staff through automated referrals, messaging, and controlled data sharing

Lifetrack Medical Systems delivers distributed radiology solutions that enable Radiologists to efficiently produce quality diagnostic reports. Based in Bonifacio Global City, Philippines, the company offers international-standard healthcare services that are powered by robust technology such as RIS and PACS with integrated decision support. In addition, Lifetrack is also the first to offer 4th generation enterprise radiology software platform -- known as LifeSys™ Ultra-Premium RIS/PACS. This cloud -and browse- based solution features patented RadNav™ technology and leverages a next-gen guidance system for simplified training. Thanks to its patented platform, care providers can now bring high-quality diagnostic reporting to low resource settings, reduce costs significantly, and provide faster diagnoses for better patient care.

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