Centricity Tele-ICU

Centricity Tele-ICU is a revolutionary solution that transcends borders to enable quality healthcare, irrespective of geographical location. Caregivers in remote locations can now leverage the expertise of multispecialty hospitals to effectively handle critical medical conditions.

Disclaimer: Not all products are for sale in all countries.



Deploys world-class technologies for reliable care delivery

  • Facilitates timely care and constant monitoring
  • Helps reduce incidents of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI)


Enables customized treatment to help improve clinical outcomes

  • Allows for patient-centric therapy ​to contribute to better outcomes across the country​​
User friendly

User friendly

Facilitates easy operations for improved workflow

  • Provides an easy-to-use interface for efficient care delivery
  • Contributes to superior workflow, connectivity​, and communication to help reduce human error

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